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About the IQ SiteTami Maloney

Initially in the year 2000, being a 5th grade teacher, I created activities just for 5th graders. My colleagues who taught 3rd grade asked if I would make activities for them, as well. So I did. Not long after those activities were added to my site I began to add activities in the upper grades in hopes that my two sons might find them helpful on their journey through middle and high school.

The IQ Site is now comprised of hundreds of interactive activities created using an open source application called Hot Potatoes. The content for many of the activities comes from the Virginia Department of Education's released Standards of Learning (SOL) test items. These activities were designed with K-12 students in mind across all curricular areas.

By 2002, as an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT), I set a new goal. It was to create a free, relevant, and useful resource for K-12 teachers and their students. (So, for those of you who have an angle for making money from this site, don't bother contacting me with your idea for making a profit at the expense of the teachers and students who find this free site useful.)

The site became popular rather quickly. In today's terms, it went "viral" and after a year or so the school's resources were being taxed significantly with outside traffic. We needed to find another web host. WHRO, our local public television station, agreed to host the site. I am grateful to them for providing this service Jessica Eppsfree of charge.

New to the site in 2012 are more than 300 Spanish activities created by Jessica Epps, a colleague of mine. They include multiple choice, matching, and sequencing activities.

I know the site is lacking for the lower grades, and that there are some areas that have yet to be addressed. If you have original content from which multiple choice activities could easily be created, feel free to send it to me so I can continue to create and add activities to the site. Please make sure to include a key or put an * next to correct answers. I want to make sure the activities are done right, and having the correct answers while making the activities helps ensure that will happen. I will include your name in the activity giving you credit for the content submitted.

Again, this site is hosted by WHRO, a local public television station. They do so free of charge, making it possible to offer this resource to teachers and students at no charge.